Introducing Zilla Clinicals LLC

Zilla Clinicals is a Clinical Data Management Company with a team of experienced experts who are dedicated to providing our clients top-notch data management services. Regardless of the project’s size or phase, our highly skilled staff can provide end-to-end clinical data management services. Our mission is to change the world one clinical trial at a time by improving the lives of everyone impacted by clinical research. We apply character, insight, resilience, and creativity to every project we take on, drawing on our collective experience.

Our steadfast dedication to placing people first in every step of the clinical research journey motivates us at Zilla Clinical. We work to enhance patients’ quality of life with a genuine focus on their well-being and quality of life, acknowledging their crucial role of contributing to medical advancements.

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is a crucial aspect of clinical research, and ensuring the generation of high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data from trials cannot be over- emphasized and here is where Zilla Clinicals comes in. With a strong commitment to excellence, innovation, and patient-centricity, we empower our clients to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care. Our experienced team of professionals brings a wealth of expertise in clinical trial management, data management, regulatory affairs, and more. We work closely with our clients to provide solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs and issues. With a dedication to quality, innovation, and patient-centricity, Zilla Clinicals hopes to become a market leader in clinical trials.

To put it shortly, Zilla Clinicals exists for YOU. Yes, you! Our major aims can be chalked up to two short sentences and they are;
● To fulfill our mission by offering our clients outstanding clinical data management services that help maximize the full potential of their research

● To be a trustworthy leader in the provision of clinical data management services.

Why Choose Zilla Clinicals?

We are aware of how crucial reliable data is to making wise choices and achieving desired results. Choosing Zilla Clinicals will allow you to concentrate on medical knowledge and enhance patient care with a guarantee that your clinical data will be managed with unparalleled care, accuracy, and attention to detail. Through our steadfast dedication to quality, innovative solutions, and customer-focused methodology, we enable our customers to achieve new heights and grow their clientele.

● Excellence In Clinical Trial Management: Zilla Clinicals offers unequaled expertise, ensuring seamless planning, execution, and regulatory compliance throughout every phase of clinical trials.

● Innovative Patient-Centric Solutions: Zilla Clinicals sets itself apart by emphasizing the patient experience and employing customized tactics to improve participant adherence, engagement, and overall satisfaction.

● Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: Zilla Clinicals stands out by leveraging advanced technologies, integrating innovation into trial processes, data management, and overall operational efficiency.

Our Services

● Quality Assurance And Auditing: Our managers will help curate a comprehensive plan for contract audits and provide a comprehensive range of clinical trial consulting services that align with the customer’s needs and identity.

● Automated Data Processing: Data processing is typically a cinch thanks to our clinical data management systems, which facilitate communication, provide clients with access to data, quicken up decision-making, and offer flexible program design.

● eSource, ePRO, and eCOA and SAS Listings: Our technologies enable real-time data capture and minimize data error by substituting conventional paper-based approaches for these electronic solutions. Our experienced team also leverages SAS programming expertise in SDTM, ADAM to ensure conformant, accurate and comprehensive listings that enable users to extract valuable insights from data.

● External Data Import and Reconciliation: In order to evaluate our clients’ data sources, find any gaps or inconsistencies, and create a solid import and reconciliation strategy, our staff works directly with them all the way until the end of every project.

● Comprehensive Consultancy Services: In addition to our clinical data management services, Zilla Clinicals provides tactical guidance and consultancy, leveraging its extensive industry knowledge to tackle particular problems and maximize results for customers.

With Zilla Clinicals you get access to an experienced team of professionals with a proven track record of working under rigorous data quality standards using a patient-centric approach. We operate in compliance with regulatory clinical data management tenets and industry approved methods, delivering high quality, accurate and timely data. We offer outstanding customer service and provide assistance from our core group. Zilla Clinicals offers scalable and adaptable solutions made to meet your specific functional needs. As an extension of your team, we are prepared to produce excellent outcomes thanks to our extensive global resources.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get started on getting that premium solution to all your clinical research and clinical data management needs catered to today with Zilla Clinicals.

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